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The Bloghouse
Wednesday, September 09 2015 19:26

stampsDrive. Ambition. Inspiration. BUILDING something...watching it grow. Going through a metamorphisis. From a seedling, then add water, nurture it, give it light and it buds...then it BLOOMS. When I came into the wonderful world of Woo Woo Workshop, I had already been an entrepreneur. Melissa and Fred knew this and welcomed my spirit. THAT meant we all knew what it means, I mean REALLY means, to be an entrepreneur. The core basis of what it means to me is what I mentioned earlier. Building something and watching it grow. But the daily life of an entrepreneur means so much more. Once, said idea, is in bloom the nurturing begins and it continues, always. The constant buzz in your mind, the buzz that

Keys to Success!!

Greetings from Your Woo Woo Crew Production & Quality Director!