What is a Woo Woo Tag™?




When we originally sat down and brainstormed the design concept of our Woo Woo Tag™, there were a few characteristics we knew that it had to have.


All of us on the Woo Woo Crew have been pet owners pretty much our entire lives and we are very familiar with different pet id tags. We have found that when certain single metal tags are stamped, the back side of the metals take on the impression of the stamp. Not only is it unattractive but it limits the amount of information that you can have on the tag. We decided to remedy this by adding a rust proof, tarnish-resistant and lightweight aluminum backer to the design. Wire wrapping the two sides together to form the Woo Woo Tag™ is a blending of form, function and artistry. The Woo Woo Tag™ is essentially...


The main purpose of a pet id tag is to bring your pet home if they happen to lose their way. The Woo Woo Tag™ is designed and created with that in mind. This double-sided technique allows us to offer the option of more contact information on the tags while ensuring this information remains visible and intact for the life of your Woo Woo Tag™. The important contact information won't rust or tarnish, it will always be there, ready to do its job...bring your best friend home.

It had to be DURABLE.

Knowing that our pets can be tough on their tags and accessories, we knew that our design had to be durable. We have perfected the process of creating our Woo Woo Tag™ by including such things as:

  • High quality semi-precious metals in copper, brass, nickel silver and aluminum.
  • High quality wire in conjunction with consistent and perfected techniques to wrap the two (or sometimes three!) metals together.
  • Provided with a high quality jewelry grade polish pad.
  • High quality split rings and accent charms.
It had to be BEAUTIFUL.

We absolutely love what we do. Our customers' satisfaction, both human and furry alike is extremely important to us. Our creative process is what we love most about what we do. Some of our techniques are traditional metalsmithing techniques and others are some that we have created and practice through trial and error. We wanted our pet id tag to compliment the outward beauty of our best friends, but more importantly mimic the every day fun and loyalty they bring to our lives.

It had to be ORIGINAL.

We wanted to add something new to the traditional hand stamped pet id tag. It was important that we provided the market with something that set us apart from the rest. Know that when you purchase a Woo Woo Tag™ from Woo Woo Workshop, you're purchasing an Original Woo Woo Tag™. We're the creative team behind the first handmade, wire wrapped contact backer pet id tag. With that being said, you will always receive consistent quality and tried and true techniques that make up the original.