Lilly's Story




Lilly is our beautiful Boxer/Dachshund Mix who sparked our inspiration for the name of our company. Boxers are known for singing what is coined as the "Woo Woo Song" - we had no idea what that was until one afternoon, this tiny little puppy belted out the sweetest sounding "woo woo"! It was so charming and unique we wondered right away if other dogs made that sound too and that's how we learned about the "Woo Woo Song". Naturally, when brainstorming a name for our company, we thought of her and hence, Woo Woo Workshop it was named!

Here's a little fact sheet about our sweet girl...all the wonderful things that make her the most charming pup on the planet!

Name: Lilly Bee

Age: 4 years

Breed: A curious combination of Boxer/Dachshund. Lilly was the only pup in the litter so that makes her one of a kind, literally.

Favorite Activities: Singing her Woo Woo Song, swimming in the lake, walks with Mom and Dad, playing in the snow, belly rubs, doing tricks for treats, cuddles, loving her family.

Nicknames: Lills, Baby Lills and Baby

Special Characteristics: We've heard many people describe Lilly as "kind" and she truly is. She's the kindest, most considerate dog we've ever met. She once found a rabbit's nest full of tiny baby bunnies in our backyard and she alerted us to the fact that the nest had been exposed. She laid next to that nest and never once touched those baby bunnies, she just sat there protecting them.

She's also bright and smart and spunky and sassy. She's super funny and makes us laugh every day. She can be fickle and fussy at times and particular about things which adds to her charm and amazing personality.

Woo Woo Workshop Duties: Lilly has another special nickname and when she hears "Courier Girl!" she knows it's time to head to the post office to deliver all of your Woo Woo Tags! She never misses the opportunity and she takes the task as serious as we do. Trust that each package that goes out Lilly is right there making sure the packages get to all of her Woo Woo Pet friends on time!