Our Story

Dedicating our lives to Art and Animals...
It was in August of 2011 that we adopted our Lilly. We fell in love instantly and anyone who has ever met her can attest to falling head over heels for her. Lilly is such a happy pup and a curious combination of half Boxer/half Dachshund. Boxers are known for singing what is coined as the "Woo Woo Song" - we had no idea what that was until one afternoon, this tiny little puppy belted out the sweetest sounding "woo woo"! It was so charming and unique we wondered right away if other dogs made that sound too and that's how we learned about the "Woo Woo Song".

ourstorycollage4At the time of Lilly's arrival, Fred and Melissa were both involved in their separate careers, Melissa was busy illustrating and working on her other  shop (and Woo Woo Workshop's parent company) Art Savvy Studio. Fred was going into his 15th year in the metal industry and programming career. The economy took a toll on our cities machining industry and Fred was displaced from his job. It was then that he switched gears and graduated in May of 2012 with a Veterinary Assistant certificate.

It was during his schooling that Fred saw first hand, on many occasions the amount of animals that pass through shelter doors because of a lack of proper identification. We wanted to do something to help.

The Woo Woo Tag™ was born on April 26th, 2012.

We are a husband and wife team dedicated to supporting animal consciousness by providing unique artisan pet orientated products with an emphasis on customer service, quality control and brand longevity.

Through creative product innovation and concise strategic planning our vision is to evolve Woo Woo Workshop's brand and bring it to the forefront of the global pet industry.