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The Woo Woo Crew


MELISSA MCGRAW-PETRUSCH . owner . designer . photographer

Melissa has been involved with the art world in one way or another ever since she was a little girl. She started her professional art career after earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from Mercyhurst University in 2001. Her love of graphic design has given her the opportunity to design branding for both local and national companies. Founding Woo Woo Workshop in April of 2012 has now allowed her to work every day with her two passions - art and animals. Her days consist of taking care of many aspects of Woo Woo Workshop, from brand design to stamping to photography. Her most rewarding part of doing what she loves is receiving feedback and photos from her customers around the globe. Melissa spends her free time watching classic films, collecting vintage movie stills, illustrating, golfing, spending time with family and her pups Lilly & Dash and her kitty, Izzy.


FRED PETRUSCH . production manager . quality control

After a 16 year career in the manufacturing field, our production and quality manager Fred, decided to further his education in a discipline near and dear to his heart, veterinary care. While earning his degree as a veterinary assistant from Great Lakes Institute of Technology in Erie, PA, Fred had the opportunity to work with our local animal shelters and the pets housed there. It was through the lense of this environment that lead him to a greater understanding of the need for proper pet identification. Fred uses his knowledge of metals and their properties to produce the highest quality handmade pet id tags. His emphasis on quality control and the longevity of the products handmade by Woo Woo Workshop is coupled with Fred's desire to bring our customers these unique items at an afforable cost. When not in the workshop, Fred enjoys golf, remodeling, cooking, gardening and spending his time with his pups, Lilly & Dash and his kitty, Izzy.







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